Monday, July 31, 2017

THE REAL McCOY'S Print T-shirt

Hello everyone! BarnStormer here.

Stain printed T-shirts have arrived from THE REAL McCOY'S.






Both colors are Ecru.

It stretches horizontally but not vertically.

Price: 8640 yen

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Hello everyone! BarnStormer here.

Wallet chains have arrived from OPUS INCEPTION.

S-shape Brass Wallet Chain

Price: 10800 yen

S-shape Silver Plate

Price: 14040 yen

The shape, size and length are all in an excellent balance.

They have s-shape hooks in the end.

This universal design will go with any style of wallets.

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Until next time...

Sunday, July 30, 2017

THE REAL McCOY'S Under T-shirts

Hello everyone! BarnStormer here.

PW custom model Under T-shirts have arrived from THE REAL McCOY'S.


Price: 8640 yen


PW which stands for "Prisoner of War" is printed.

It means that the prisoners can be noticed even when they are wearing an under



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Until next time...

ORGUEIL Cotton Knit Cut and Sewn

Hello everyone! BarnStormer here.

Let me introduce a cut and sewn from ORGUEIL.

Navy 36/38

Gray 36

The fitting is rather roomy.

I would recommend you to choose one size smaller to the size you normally


Price: 12960 yen

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Until next time...

Saturday, July 29, 2017

Speier's Baseball Cap

Hello everyone! BarnStormer here.

Baseball caps have arrived from Speier's.

Cobalt Blue/Natural

Cobalt Green/Natural

The fabric of natural color part is herringbone.

You can enjoy the aging with a baseball cap.

After sweating, don't hesitate to wash it!

Price: 7560 yen

Until next time...

Buffalo Tracks Beads Necklace

Hello everyone! BarnStormer here.

Beads necklaces have arrived from Buffalo Tracks.

Length: 43 cm

Price: 8640 yen

5 of them are available.

They are all hand made and each of them has a different appearance.

They are made so carefully spending a lot of time.

So I must say this price is a big bargain!

Until next time...

Dapper's Apollo Sunglass

Hello everyone! BarnStormere here.

Attractive eye wear has arrived from Dapper's.

10th Anniversary GROOVER Wname Eyewear Type APOLLO LOT1184

3 types are available.

I'll try them on!

They are made by a collaboration between Dapper's and GROOVER to celebrate

10th anniversary of Dapper's.

GROOVER has their own factory and each eye wear is hand made by skillful

craft workers.

GROOVER has built a reputation for a good quality and excellent fitting.

High grade lenses with UV processing and anti reflection coating.

They come with a GROOVER original case and a Dapper's original cerrito.

Price: 28000 yen + tax

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Until next time...